Thursday, February 27, 2014


After reading RED RISING I knew I was going to fall into funk. It was such an incredible read that anything less than it's sequel was going to be disappointing.

I started a couple of books from my rather large TBR pile but nothing grabbed me. What I needed was another "it" book. Another book with hype.

I had seen and heard about GONE GIRL for some time. I knew it was one of those super popular books that was not being released in paperback because it was still going gangbusters in hardback.

A little research told me GONE GIRL was being made into a film by David Fincher starring one of my favourite actors, Ben Affleck.

Well, I thought, here is a book to get me out of my funk.

And it was.

GONE GIRL is a terrific thriller, about Amy and Nick, a couple about to celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary when Amy disappears. What follows is a dark look behind the curtain of a seemingly perfect marriage.

I wouldn't say I loved GONE GIRL, but I would say I liked it quite a bit. It's pretty good. It hooked me and kept me turning the pages till its rather (unfortunately) anti-climatic final pages. I really wanted the book to end differently. I would love to elaborate but I don't want to give anything away.

If you aren't in a book reading funk, and you haven't read GONE GIRL by this point, I would say wait for the paperback. If you are in a funk, this could be the book to get you out of it. Worked for me.

Can't wait to see the GONE GIRL movie, but not necessarily because its such an awesome, mind blowing story. But because it's a pretty good story and the film is going to have Ben Affleck!

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