Wednesday, December 4, 2013


HUNGER is the second novel in Michael Grant's GONE series.

All the adults in a twenty mile radius of the power plant near Perdido Beach, California suddenly disappear. Gone. Poof! The survivors of this strange phenomenon must figure out what is going on amidst some very troubling occurrences, namely the appearance of the wall, a dome-like structure that prevents anyone from getting in or out of the Perdido Beach area.

Oh yeah, there are monsters, mutants and some kids develop X-Men-like superpowers.

If you read my review of GONE a couple weeks back then you know I really dug it. It was a terrific read. Tense. Frightening. Thrilling and horrific. It was great.

If you are a fan of Stephen King there is no doubt in my mind that you will love this series.

HUNGER starts off about three months after the events at the end of GONE and it isn't long before Grant has the tension right back up to where it was near the end of the first book. Food is running out and kids are starting to go hungry. And they aren't the only ones, either. There is a monstrous entity in the mine near Hermit Jim's Shack that is starving for it's own type of food.

If anything, HUNGER is even better than GONE. The villains are getting scarier, the situation more desperate and our hero's must delve deep within themselves to find the strength to stand up and face what seems like certain doom.

I really like the characters in these books, and they are many. The GONE series has a huge cast of characters rivalling some epic fantasy tomes. But this is a good thing. There are characters that you will fall in love with and others that you will love to hate. Some are nasty mean and others heroic.

Honestly one of the best series (so far) that I have read in some time. Check it out today!

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