Saturday, March 8, 2014


I loved Zack Snyder's 300. Definitely one of my all time favourite movies. Terrific story, descent acting and wicked kick-ass fighting.

It's a guys movie 100%.

That's why I couldn't wait to see RISE OF AN EMPIRE. Though it wasn't directed by Snyder (but Noam Murro) it was shot with the same flare and over zealous need for slow motion gore and violence.

Sullivan Stapleton is no Gerard Butler (BTW if you haven' t seen OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN it's not too bad!) but he still rocks. My only real complaint is his character's need to give speeches every five minutes (usually before or after a gloriously gory, grotesque, battle scene).

There is only one reason to see RISE OF AN EMPIRE. One. Single. Reason. To see sword slashing, blood spraying, decapitating, stabbing, slicing, carnage!

If you are looking for anything more, buy yourself a ticket to something else. This is pure animalistic, bloody, violent cinematic battle porn.

Two thumbs up!

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