Thursday, January 23, 2014


Under normal circumstances I would stay away from this book. The reason being, it seems like PATTERSON puts out a new book with a co-author every other week. The man couldn't possibly be so prolific! I assume most of these books are written by the writer whose name is neither prominent on the cover, nor is highlighted in bold, bright, caps.

But I digress.

What captured my attention was the cover and the title of the book. Without even reading anything about the story on the back of the book I just knew this might be something I would like to read.

I was right.

ZOO is a kick-ass action, adventure, thriller about animals, on mass, attacking the human race. While not completely original, ZOO is certainly entertaining! It's a page turner that will keep the high octane book lovers out there reading through the night until its apocalyptic conclusion.

ZOO is the kind of book I like to read smack dab in the middle of summer (which is probably when it came out in hardback). I love my end-of-the-world-creature-feature during the hot season, not sure why. Just seems to suit my needs at that time of the year. It's usually when the big blockbuster movies are hitting the big screens and so I usually want something blockbuster-y to read.

ZOO is a blockbuster. It's a popcorn and Coke kind of book. I think you'll enjoy it.

If you have a COSTCO membership you can grab the paperback off one of their book tables for like six bucks.

The book also spawned a graphic novel. See the cover below:


  1. This might be the first time we disagree on a novel. I tried to read this book last year and couldn't bear it. It felt so slapdash and wooden to me. Popcorn fare, sure, but even empty calories should have some flavor. :)

  2. Yeah, well, you suck! ;)
    Just kidding. I read some reviews on Amazon that felt the same way.