Wednesday, November 13, 2013


GONE is a book by Stephen King…er, I mean Michael Grant.

Just kidding.

I wonder if I would have made the comparison had it not been made by one of the promotional quotes on the cover or because of the obvious similarities to King's UNDER THE DOME.

Grant is a terrific writer and GONE is one of the most exciting books I've read in a while. It is books like GONE which make reading so fun. They remind me that reading a book can be so much better than watching a movie.

I had seen the GONE series (GONE is the first of six) on bookstore shelves for a few years now but never bothered to pick them up.

Why you might ask?

The covers.

That cover is pretty terrible.

Not sure what those two are looking at but it doesn't come close to conveying the horrors they face between the covers. So don't be fooled by the sappy cover. GONE is pure kick-ass.

One day everyone over the age of 15 suddenly and inexplicably disappears within a ten mile radius of a nuclear power plant near the town of Perdido Beach, California. At the same time a dome appears out of nowhere, surrounding the town and land around it, trapping all survivors. There is no way in and no way out.

With all the adults gone, it isn't long before things begin to spiral out of control. Suddenly some of the survivors begin to display X-Men like abilities. Animals mutate and somewhere out in the desert an evil creature waits in the darkness of a cave.

GONE is like LORD OF THE FLIES, BATTLE ROYAL, THE HUNGER GAMES, UNDER THE DOME mashed up with THE X-MEN. In other words, really freaking cool!

Grant's voice, while unique, definitely has some Stephen King flavour. If that floats your boat, well cast off my Wormy friends. Grant's writing is superb. He gets you to feel for the kids and the strange predicament they must overcome, while cranking up the tension chapter by chapter to a very explosive finale.

Highly, highly recommended.

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